Missing Classmates


The following is a list of our classmates and friends for whom we have no contact information. If you know where any of these classmates are, please share our web address with them: www.eastlakenorth69.com.  If you know the Email address for any classmate below, you may simply click on the classmate's name to quickly send an Email invitation to our site.

Robert Adams
William Alexander Jr.
Paul Bauer
Lydia Bazarnic
Karen Blood (Anderson)
Kenneth Boothe
Cheryl Bowden
Norma Carney
Ray Cavanaugh
Tom Clydesdale
Linda Coates (McDonald)
Barry Connolly
Ladonna Kaye Corley
Patricia Cresswell
William Darroch
James Daugherty
John Davis
Joyce Dearth
Ronald Decker
Andy Dillido
Marianne Draganic
Richard Ellis
Grant Fissell
Regina Formica
Jerry Friend
Jim Gale
Bob Gehrke
Mary Gore
Candace Gray
Wendy Griswold
Janice Hinckley (Morrow)
Dennis Holeski
William Hughes
Robert Karney
Jim Kelley
Daryl Kopec
Nicholas Kost
Kathleen Lacher
Michael Lauver
Richard Leaf
Susan Lympany
Marc Martin
Thomas Martin
John McElwain
Gerald McFall
George McMurdo
Donald Nebe
Gayle Niday
Patricia O'Brien (McGlynn)
Becky Palmer (Brewster)
Jean Perkey
Eugene Perry
Nancy Post
Inez Pritchett
Gary Rose
Georgene Salyan
James Seamon
John Semperger
Paula Sewalish
Jeannette Sibert (Snyder)
David Sommerville
Debbie Spong
Kenneth Steinmetz
Karen Swart (Burnham)
Marcia Szabo
Debbie Thacker (Gotti)
Margaret Thomas (Thompson)
Kathy Vayo
Ruth Williamson (Collins)

Guest Members

Richard Swansegar (James Swansegar'…