Willoughby-Eastlake Schools


The new North High is being constructed behind the present school.

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Five-Year Facilities Plan   2014-2019

1) Bond Issue ($116 million)

2) New North High School

3) New South High School

4) New Elementary (Longfellow)

5) Demo Willoughby Middle School

6) Demo North High School

7) Demo Longfellow

8) Relocate Willoughby Middle School to the current SHS

9) Renovate Eastlake Middle School

10) Renovate Willowick Middle School

11) Renovate Grant Elementary

12) Renovate Royalview Elementary

13) Renovate Edison Elementary

14) Renovate Jefferson Elementary

15) Relocation of the Willoughby Career Academy

16) Stadium Renovations

17) Purchase former Eaton Building (School of Innovation)

18) Open School of Innovation

19) Purchase North Coast Lincoln Mercury Dealership

20) Relocate the former Willoughby Tech Center to the Lincoln Mercury Dealership

21) Close Washington Elementary


North High School
 The new high school shall be constructed behind the current North High School. As the new facility is being constructed, the current building shall remain in use. The current facility is scheduled for demolition during the summer of 2019. The new North High School shall house a performing arts theater. The facility will be shared by both North and South High School students. The facility shall be constructed of brick (matching the recently constructed football facility).

Five-Year Facilities Plan
South High School
 In Phase I of our strategic plan, South High School was completely renovated (new windows, doors, lockers, flooring, general finishes, up-graded science labs, new HVAC system and roof). South High shall be converted into Willoughby Middle School upon completion of the new South High School located to the north of the current building. The new school shall be in partnership with the *YMCA, the *City of Willoughby and the *Willoughby Public Library System. Dual spaces shall be utilized that will maximize community tax dollars and benefit the community as a whole. The new school shall house multiple dual space gyms and a competition pool to be used by both North and South High School students. Willoughby Middle School shall be demolished upon completion of the new South High School.

Longfellow Elementary
 Longfellow Elementary will be replaced by a new Longfellow on existing property located behind the current facility. Upon completion of the new school, the current building will be demolished. Washington Elementary shall close in June, 2015 and students will be redistricted to Longfellow Elementary and Jefferson Elementary for the 2015-2016 school year.
Washington Elementary

 Washington Elementary shall be closed in June, 2015 and students will attend either Longfellow Elementary or Jefferson Elementary.
Willoughby Career Academy (former Tech Center)

 The former Tech Center facilities will be replaced through the purchase of the former North Coast Lincoln Mercury Dealership located on Euclid Ave. The building was purchased for 2.3M using Certificates of Participation. The former Tech Center will sold and the proceeds will be used to retire the debt from the purchase of the new facility. The District expects to save over $30,000,000 in necessary repairs to the former Tech Center facilities.

School of Innovation (former Eaton building)
 The District purchased the former Eaton building in 2014 for 3.8M. The facility will house our STEM school (grades 3-12). The purchase of the facility will allow us to close Washington Elementary and save over $13,000,000 in necessary repairs to the facility.